It’s The Perfect Time to Hike the Smokies!

In today’s fast-paced world it’s hard to find a relaxing moment, even when enjoying a vacation. If you don’t think of yourself as the type to take pleasure in a hike I encourage you to give it a chance. Especially when one of the most beautiful national parks is waiting for you just a short drive away! There’s something very precious about spending the day unplugged from distractions with your family or close friends. Not to mention, this time of year is perfect for an early morning or afternoon hike to escape the busy city.

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to over 1,500 different kinds of flowering plants, more than any other park in North America. No matter what time of the year you are visiting, there is always several species in bloom for you to admire. One of the most popular of these wildflower plants is the Mountain Laurel. The Mountain Laurel is an evergreen shrub found in eastern regions of the United States. This flowering plant is well known for its unique blooms produced in late spring and early summer. The flowers can be viewed in a spectrum of beautiful colors varying from a clean white to a deep shade of rose.  Beautiful displays of Mountain Laurel can be discovered alongside hiking trails such as the Gregory Bald, Grapeyard Ridge to Steam Engine, as well as the ever-popular Laurel Falls trails.

Mountain Laurel Bloom

Sugarland Cellars Mountain Laurel Wine – Reflects The Beauty of the Mountains

When selecting the names of our wines here at Sugarland Cellars, we like to incorporate unique features of the Smoky Mountains. From the history and rich heritage to the breath-taking wildlife of this area, there is so much to explore and experience. Our Mountain Laurel wine is an all Tennessee Muscadine wine that highlights a rich aroma and flavor. Just like the delicate nature of this beautiful wildflower, we wanted the experience of this wine to be subtly sweet and linger on the pallet.

The small flowers of Mountain Laurel are sometimes hard to spot, but its allure is easily recognized once it has your attention.  Be sure to not get too distracted hunting for it though!  You never know what other beauty of the Smokies you might skip over in your search….. so take your time and enjoy it all!  And be sure to not miss another fantastic trail (for all its own reasons) – the Rocky Top Wine Trail!