Grape and Honey Harvest 2018

With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to take a vacation or enjoy a break from work and school. But if you’re a honeybee break time has already come and gone! Since the first flower bloom of spring, honeybees have been working non-stop collecting nectar to make their delicious honey.

As a beekeeper, it’s remarkable to continually learn the social behavior of these fascinating insects. The connection one experiences with nature when looking through a colony is unexplainably peaceful. Like any other hobby that one invests in beekeeping is a great way to escape the modern day-to-day stresses. Every time I explore a colony I learn more about their methods of production and how they have responded to particular variables such as weather, resources, or geographic location to name a few. It’s also quite rewarding to extract the honey during harvest season. It is so enjoyable to discover some of the unique tastes and flavors that are presented in each year’s batch. I especially find it interesting to compare honey from past harvests as well as honey from other regions. It’s fascinating how the different plants contribute to the unique taste each honey features.

After being introduced to the world of winemaking, I am amazed how many characteristics these two crafts have in common. It’s been interesting to learn how the wine’s taste is largely dependent on the type of grape used and even the region they are grown in. I’ve also been able to observe the variety of analysis tests that are conducted on each wine to ensure that the product is perfectly consistent and ready to be enjoyed. It has been a privilege to discover the dynamics of this art and I’ve come to admire how much effort goes into making each bottle of our wine. As grape harvest season approaches, I encourage you to visit one of our Rocky Top Wine Trail wineries for a tour. During this incredible experience, you will observe each step of the transformation from vine to wine. If you’re lucky you will see some of our winemakers hard at work, just like those busy honeybees!


  • Connor Rytz, Summer Marketing Intern