Five Stars for the Food and Wine Pairing Event

Five stars for the food and wine pairing events.

Last Saturday, March 10th, three of the participating wineries along the Rocky Top Wine Trail partnered up

to create a very successful food & wine event here in the Great Smoky Mountains. Tickets were only $30, however, if you were a wine club member you saved $5 from each ticket purchase. Hillside Winery, Mountain Valley Vineyards, and Sugarland Cellars were the three wineries that participated in the first ever Breakfast Wine Tail. The best part was being able to enjoy the event at your own pace and visit the other wineries along the way.

Free Gifts!

You also got great freebies! As soon as you sign in the first location, you received a free logoed coffee mug. Once you visited the three locations on the Breakfast Wine Trail or the Rocky Top Wine Trail, you received a fancy logoed wine glass!


The Event

There were lots of delicious breakfast treats at each location.

Hillside Winery had the perfect bite-sized egg quiches and buttermilk blueberry muffins! The two wines that were offered were both bubbles. Hillside Winery’s favorite Hillside Spumante and Sonata, a dry brut style wine, very similar to a prosecco. All that was missing is the orange juice, but that would mean less wine.

Mountain Valley Winery served amazing fruit scones and a RHUBARB scone! When you paired the peach scone with the Mountain Valley Peach you would taste a little tartness from the actual peaches used in the wine.

In Gatlinburg, Sugarland Cellars had Lemon Cream Cheese Danish and Nutella Banana Muffins. The Danish just melted in your mouth and the Century Red that paired with it complemented the entire breakfast. The event was very filling in a good way, as well as being a very educational event. Learning how the simplest treats paired with certain wines and being able to pick up on certain tastes when drinking the wine with the food item was interesting.

Feeling A Little Left Out?

Disappointed you missed the first ever Breakfast Wine Trail?! On June 2nd the wineries have put together another food and wine pairing event. However, instead of Breakfast treats they will be serving scrumptious picnic foods that will pair with your favorite Tennessee wines. The three wineries will remain the same, but the theme will be completely different. Plus you will even receive an incredible souvenir when visiting! Furthermore, we would like everyone to participate in this event so for the next month (until April 30th, 2018) there will be a special pricing for all guest who would like to attend the event. Purchase your tickets for only $25 at

Or call Mountain Valley Winery at 865. 453. 6334 for the best ever Picnic Wine Trail!